To serve our community, The Family Tree sponsors a number of groups designed to encourage social activity and respond to areas of need. For more information about any of our groups, please contact us at (850) 222-8555.

LGBT Business Partners

A group of like-minded professionals and business-owners committed to making business decisions that are in the best interest of the LGBT community.

Diversity of the Spirit Alcoholics Anonymous

A place for sharing stories, helping yourself, or supporting others who suffer from addictions to alcohol.

Gender Chat Support and Social Group

A safe place for transgender people, those in transition, or friends seeking a dose of understanding.

Youth Group

In the closet or out, a welcoming environment managed by psychology students intended to help youths come to terms with their identity or to answer questions that may not be answered at home.

Women’s Chat Group

A gathering of the X-chromosome, with weekly topics of discussion.

Coffee Talk

A weekly social event full of caffeine and new friends.

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